Educational Health Checks

We identify your child's educational strengths, development needs, and current working levels (in literacy and numeracy), and provide a tailored feedback plan with recommendations, to help boost learning and confidence. All abilities, 5-12 years.

Educational MOTs and Tutoring Services

Find out what level your child is working at and how you can help them unlock their potential.

If you are a concerned parent, worried about the progress your child has made while being off school, or curious to know what level your child is working at (and how best to support and boost their learning), an Educational MOT is for you.

We identify your child’s strengths and development needs within literacy and/or numeracy; pinpoint the levels they are currently working at (and what their potential is) while exploring other factors including dyslexia, dyscalculia and visual stress.

Following the session, (which is tailored to the age/stage of your child) a detailed feedback and recommendations report will be provided, to help boost your child’s progress (the report is emailed within a week).

What are the benefits of having an Educational MOT for your child?

  • promotes confidence; by highlighting strengths, and successful ways of working.
  • identifies gaps in learning/development areas which require extra support (particularly useful if you are considering tutoring for your child).
  • pinpoints the level your child is currently working at in literacy (reading, spelling) and/or numeracy, and gives an indication of potential (all results are given as age equivalences and standardised scores, in an easy to understand format).
  • provides easy to follow recommendations tailored to your child’s needs, with clear guidance on how to boost your child’s learning.
  • identifies whether ‘more able’ learners are reaching their potential (which may exceed the level they are currently working at), or would benefit from more challenge in their learning.
  • helps identify signs of a visual difficulty (8+) or other learning need (dyslexia, dyscalculia).
  • gives you a better understanding into how your child learns, and which learning strategies are most successful for them.
  • saves potential time and money spent on tutoring ie. you can use the learning plan to support your child’s learning, or can instruct a tutor with specific areas to work on to fast-track learning.

I’m Diane, Educational Consultant, and I carry out all of the Educational MOTs. I have 25 years teaching experience, including 10 years working as an additional support for learning teacher and 5 years as a principal teacher, specialising in identifying and addressing a wide range of needs in primary aged pupils (including dyslexia, dyscalculia and autism), within mainstream primary schools.

In 2019, I resigned from my post as principal teacher, (I had grown so frustrated with the cuts in education and how they were affecting pupils and parents), to start my own business, Educational MOT; helping children to develop a love of learning, and unlock their potential.

I was awarded ‘Professional Recognition in Additional Support Needs’ from the General Teaching Council in 2019. All qualifications, PVG, and current references available on request.

*All Educational MOTs can now be delivered in-person (following current Scottish Government Covid19 Health and Safety guidelines), or online via the web-based video conferencing tool Zoom (All-in-One or Literacy Focus).

*UPDATE: while in Level 4 Lockdown, Educational MOTs will only be available online. However advance bookings can still be made for face-to-face appointments.

We also offer tailored online and face-to-face 1-1 tutoring sessions (£30 per hour), limited availability, please get in touch to book your child’s weekly tutoring slot.

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