We offer a bespoke online or face to face 1-1 tutoring service, covering literacy and/or numeracy to meet your child’s needs (primary curriculum).

All lessons are child-centred, each start with a quick recap on the previous lesson, to support confidence and embed knowledge. Key facts/learning goals are then taught in a variety of ways (to suit all types of learners – auditory, visual, kinaesthetic), with lots of game-based activities to engage the student and promote a love of learning.

Learning gaps/development needs are identified and addressed with robust planning and individualised learning, progress is carefully monitored from week to week. Specially adapted lessons available for children with dyslexia/dyslexic-type difficulties to fast-track your child’s reading, spelling and writing.

If your child displays significant behavioural challenges, or has been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and/or Pathological Demand Avoidance then accessing formal learning can be challenging. With this in mind, I offer a trial period (usually 2-4 weeks), to ascertain whether tutoring is the best next step for your child.

PROGRESS promise – If your child has an educational mot then enrolls in our tutoring programme, we will repeat the educational mot (assessments) each year free of charge to track and highlight the progress your child is making.

In addition to individually tailored sessions, we have a range of ‘tried and tested’ intervention programmes available (in all areas of literacy and numeracy), these run for a set period (usually once or twice a week for 4+ weeks over school summer holidays) and are particularly useful for obtaining quick results.

We are trained in delivering a range of specialist intervention programmes to address specific additional needs such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. All our materials are interactive, educational and fun!

Online tutoring follows the same structure as face-face tutoring. Using Microsoft Teams, it provides an interactive experience with the ability to share screens, type/draw/edit work, play games while also developing keyboarding skills and mouse control, all within the comfort of your own home.

Face-face and online tutoring sessions are £45 per hour (includes 5 mins parent feedback).

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