We offer a bespoke online or face to face 1-1 tutoring service, covering a variety of areas to meet your needs.

All lessons are child-centred, each start with a quick recap on the previous lesson, to support confidence and embed knowledge. Key facts/learning goals are then taught in a variety of ways (to suit all types of learners – auditory, visual, kinaesthetic), with lots of game-based activities to engage the student and promote a love of learning. Learning gaps/development needs are identified and addressed with robust planning and individualised learning, progress is carefully monitored from week to week.

In addition to individually tailored sessions, we have a range of ‘tried and tested’ intervention programmes available (in all areas of literacy and numeracy), these run for a set period (usually once or twice a week for 10+ weeks) and are particularly useful for obtaining quick results.

We are trained in delivering the following intervention programmes: Maths Recovery, Sound Reading System, Toe by Toe, and Stareway to Spelling, to name but a few. Please get in touch for more information on the intervention programmes available.

Tutoring sessions are £30 per hour (includes 5 mins parent feedback).

Educational Consultant

After gaining my Bachelor of Education (Honours) degree in 1994, I worked as a primary teacher in several schools across Dumfries and Galloway. In 2008, I became an ASL teacher, and three years later, went on to complete my postgraduate certificate in Additional Support for Learning.

In 2013, I was promoted to Principal Teacher of ASL, across Moffat Cluster (a mainstream all-through school 3-18, and a feeder primary school) where I managed a team of learning assistants, and was responsible for identifying and addressing a wide range of needs, including ASD, ADHD, attachment disorder, dyslexia and dyscalculia.

In 2019, after being awarded ‘Professional Recognition in Additional Support Needs’ by the General Teaching Council, I handed in my notice and moved to West Lothian to follow my dream of setting up Educational MOT; a service which helps children and parents, by identifying: where the child is at in their learning, how the child is learning, which learning strategies are most successful for them, and what they (child and parent/tutor) can do to boost learning (and confidence).

Email us: educational.mot@gmail.com

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