Terms and Conditions

Educational MOTs and Tutoring (online or in-person) – Updated April ’22

Contact Details
Contact details are to be kept up to date, this allows us to communicate effectively with you. These details must include a contact number and an email address.

For tutoring, students are allocated a weekly lesson time and tuition is expected to occur at this time (unless otherwise arranged). For educational MOTs, either one longer session or two shorter sessions will be allocated (depending upon age/needs of the student). A £10 non-refundable deposit secures each educational MOT booking, the remaining balance is required at least one week prior to the appointment. An invoice will be issued prior to any booked session (tutoring/MOT) with payment details, and will continue to be sent on a monthly basis for tutoring clients. If payment has not been received (at least 48hrs in advance of a lesson), a reminder message will be sent, and tutoring sessions will be withheld until payment is made. All payments are recorded and declared on a yearly tax return.

Tutor Cancellation
If we need to cancel a session (tutoring or MOT) for any reason, then there will be no charge to parents and we will try to rearrange the session, if this not be possible, all monies (including deposit) will be transferred back.

Parent Cancellation
Tutoring lessons cancelled by parents with less than 48 hours’ notice must still be paid for, MOT sessions cancelled by parents with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged at 50% (less non-refundable £10 deposit). We reserve the right to terminate tuition if lessons have been cancelled on a regular basis (three times or more in one term) and to offer this tuition to a student on the waiting list.

If a parent wishes to terminate their regular tuition sessions, we require 2 weeks’ notice in person or in writing. This ensures that we have received notice and that I do not need to charge the parent for future missed lessons as per the cancellation policy. I like to be able to say ‘goodbye’ to my students properly and wish them well for the future.

Your child’s weekly tutoring lesson will be fixed at a particular day and time for the current school session, and while we try to ensure the same day and time will be provided into the next session (after summer break) this cannot be guaranteed. Requests can be made (by parents) at any time of the year for a change of day/time, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Feedback (Tutoring)
At the end of each lesson, verbal feedback will be given to parent/guardian.

The first tutoring lesson will be a ‘getting to know you’ session; to help develop a good working relationship. It will include a series of activities to identify the approximate level the student is working at, in the area/s requested by the parent. Verbal feedback will be given to the parent at the end of the lesson. The checks do not take the place of an educational MOT (ie. they do not provide age equivalences nor do they highlight the areas needing most attention). An educational MOT is always recommended prior to commencing any tutoring to ensure teaching focus is targeted to the most pertinent areas.

You are welcome to stay and observe your child’s first tutoring session, but for the following sessions we request that you wait outside (or drop off and return). This helps us to minimize the number of adults entering the house (Covid 19 Health and Safety guidelines). All materials/equipment (pencils, eraser, etc) are provided, however your child may wish to bring their own water bottle.

Progress Disclaimer (Tutoring)
Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the student makes satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed, and we cannot be held accountable for the academic success or otherwise of the student.

Feedback (Educational MOT)
At the end of an educational MOT session/s, verbal feedback will be given on how the child has performed generally, detailed written feedback (in the form of a report and learning plan) will be emailed to parents within a week.

The range of assessments in an Educational MOT can vary from student to student (dependent on their age/needs), however each MOT is designed to give an indication of potential, and to show what level the student is currently working at in literacy/maths (through the use of standardised scores and age equivalences). Although every effort is made to provide robust and reliable feedback, the validity of assessments can be affected by external factors on the day (eg. mood/focus of the student) and therefore cannot be guaranteed. The results provided are not a diagnosis (of an additional support need) and are not intended as such, but instead to give feedback on the student as a learner, their strengths and development needs; the recommendations within the report provide strategies/ideas for a parent/tutor to develop these areas.
An Educational MOT should NOT be used in place of a psychological assessment.

Time keeping
Unless otherwise arranged, all tutoring lessons are 55 minutes in duration with 5 minutes feedback at the end. Clients are responsible for ensuring they are ready and prepared to learn on arrival, and lessons will end at the designated time to enable the next student to have their full lesson. If you wish to speak to us in detail, about your child’s progress then please do this during the first few minutes or the last few minutes of their lesson. If longer is required, we will arrange an alternative time.

Please be courteous and refrain from interrupting the lesson prior to yours by attending early. This is unfair on the child whose lesson you are interrupting. Furthermore, it is imperative that children are collected promptly at the end of all lessons. Again, it is unfair if a child’s lesson is interrupted by someone having to stay late.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children know how to behave well. We reserve the right to cancel any bookings for students whose behaviour is unacceptable. The lesson will still require to be paid in full.

Covid-19 Health and Safety Measures
We are following current NHS guidelines advising clients that they should not attend their appointment if they have any cold-like symptoms (we offer a free rebooking service) and have implemented additional health measures eg. restricting the number of appointments per day, physical distancing between adults, sanitising equipment/furniture before and after each appointment, additional handwashing, sanitising and mask wearing (optional from May ’22). Our Covid-19 vaccination status is up to date.

Data Protection
We care about your privacy and preferences and wish to ensure you understand and are happy how we store data which concerns you and your child. Paper records of all assessments carried out, are transferred online into a password protected account, paper documents are then shredded. We hold email addresses and phone numbers on our password protected account to inform you of dates, classes, and changes in sessions. All records kept pertaining to you and your child, are destroyed after a period of 2 years (dated from your child’s final session).

Special requests
We reserve the right to charge for special requests.

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