Why Choose an Educational MOT?

  • promotes confidence; by highlighting your child’s strengths, and successful ways of working.
  • identifies gaps in learning/development areas which require extra support (particularly useful if you are considering tutoring for your child).
  • pinpoints the level your child is currently working at in literacy (reading, spelling) and/or numeracy, and gives an indication of potential (all results are given as age equivalences and standardised scores, in an easy to understand format).
  • provides easy to follow recommendations tailored to your child’s needs, with clear guidance on how to boost your child’s learning.
  • identifies whether ‘more able’ learners are reaching their potential (which may exceed the level they are currently working at), or would benefit from more challenge in their learning.
  • helps identify signs of a visual difficulty (8+) or other learning need (dyslexia, dyscalculia).
  • gives you a better understanding into how your child learns, and which learning strategies are most successful for them.
  • saves potential time and money spent on tutoring ie. you can use the learning plan to support your child’s learning, or can instruct a tutor with specific areas to work on to fast-track learning.
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