Case Study

Sarah* came for an All-in-One Educational MOT in January 2020. Her parents wanted a clear understanding on how she was performing at school and to find out which areas needed support before she transitioned to Primary 5.

Sarah attained the following age-equivalent scores:

January 2020 – Sarah, 7 years 11 months (P4)

Numeracy: age equivalent 8 years 10 months (standardised score = 111) Reading: age equivalent 8 years 9 months (standardised score = 109) Spelling: age equivalent 7 years 6 months (standardised score = 95)

These findings indicate that although all areas are within the ‘average’ range (standardised score 86-114), Sarah would benefit from some targeted support with spelling. After discussing these results with her parents, mum agreed, but added that she felt Sarah lacked confidence with maths so asked if I could support her with spelling and maths.

Sarah commenced in-person tutoring sessions in February 2020, focusing on numeracy and spelling (one hour per week). The following month, schools closed (due to the Coronavirus), so tutoring lessons moved online. When schools re-opened in August, I reassessed Sarah so I could track progress. The results were as follows:

August 2020 – Sarah, 8 years 6 months (starting P5) Numeracy: age equivalent 10 years 4 months (standardised score = 126) Reading: age equivalent 9 years 3 months (standardised score = 107) Spelling: age equivalent 9 years 1 month (standardised score = 106)

The results highlight the significant progress made in the areas of numeracy and spelling. To help boost Sarah’s reading (which had in real terms, dipped slightly), I began to incorporate more reading into her lessons, this also helped consolidate Sarah’s spelling skills.

The following year I reassessed Sarah again:

August 2021 – Sarah, 9 years 6 months (starting P6) Numeracy: age equivalent 12 years 4 months (standardised score = 130+) Reading: age equivalent 15 years 6 months (standardised score = 124) Spelling: age equivalent 12 years 0 month (standardised score = 116)

Sarah was ‘at ceiling’ on the numeracy screening test.

Sarah has made remarkable progress over the two years** that I have been working with her, which is a credit to all the hard work she has put in (and fun we have had). In fact she has made such good progress that after showing mum, Sarah’s most recent results, I had to let her know that I wouldn’t be able to tutor her daughter in P7, as she really needs to work with a Secondary tutor who will be able to provide additional challenge. Sarah was genuinely upset!

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the impact I have on children’s learning and confidence. Assessment is a really vital tool in measuring impact and tracking progress, however it is the importance of making learning both fun and engaging which I believe makes the biggest difference.

*name changed

**All results can be verified through inspection of assessments and/or contact with Sarah’s parents who have kindly given me permission for this case study.

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