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What People Say

Diane was absolutely outstanding with my son, showing huge patience and understanding. Highly recommended.

Lynn Anderson,

Highly recommend Diane, my son is thriving, and loves going to his tutoring every week.

Susanne Marshall, Parent (tutoring)

I cannot recommend Diane more highly. As soon as we met, my daughter felt at ease and I can see her confidence growing more and more, after each visit. I would highly recommend using Diane if your child is finding any difficulties at school. She is extremely professional, and organised, ready to get started straight away.

Alison, Parent (tutoring)

Diane was absolutely brilliant with my son, I recommend her 100%.

Ruth Johnstone, Parent

My son absolutely loved his session with Diane and I was amazed to see him listen and respond so well considering he was so difficult to home school! He loved the positive encouragement from Diane and the 1-1 attention. The report was incredibly useful to see where his strengths and weaknesses lie and much more useful than the ‘copy and paste’ school reports you receive which never gives an indication of how your child is progressing. The MOT also pointed out that my son needs a Visual Stress test as he has been complaining he can’t see everything on the board at school. We are looking into this further with an opthamologist. Thank you Diane

Lucy Dawson, Parent
(All-in-One MOT)

Diane has a great way with children, I was impressed how patient and understanding she is and how well she understood my son. The feedback she gave was fantastic too, very honest and extremely practical to help us support him in his learning.

Caroline Quigley,
Parent (All-in-One MOT)

Diane has many years teaching experience in additional support needs. She makes it her priority to get to know each and every youngster as an individual and with her wealth of experience provides stimulating and relevant learning experiences .

Michael Kay, ASL Teacher

My daughter recently completed an Educational MOT with Diane, she loved completing the tasks and it was a fun experience for her.
The clear feedback provided by Diane on all of the areas assessed has been extremely helpful for us to focus on key areas that require more development and provide more clarity on areas where our daughter is doing well and what she should focus on next to develop these areas further.

Lynne Hammersley, Parent (All-in-One MOT)

My daughter really enjoyed working with Diane, she got her confidence back.

Hazel, Parent (tutoring)

Let’s unlock your child’s potential.

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